A week of great results!

First, thank you to everyone who helped me with this project.

The initial purpose has now been achieved, and the links for this blog, along with those of the FB and G+ sites have been sent to the prospective employer for which this whole thing was created, right at the deadline for submission.

Overall, I logged more than 2,000 impressions on all the sites combined.  Facebook was by far the leader of sites, with over 1,300 impressions.  LinkedIn was primarily used as a referral to the project kickoff post on this site, and traffic on G+ was light.

Active reponses – again, Facebook the big leader with 225 “likes”, 220 “talking abouts”, and 53 “shares”.  It had some extra time, as the G+ and Linkedin activity did not start until later in the week.  There were 316 hits to this site, with 72 0f them coming from LinkedIn, 55 from FB, 18 from G+, and 11 from Twitter, which is really interesting since I did not publish it to Twitter at all.

Some more Interesting Observations:

Based on reading comment threads, it looks like referrals may have gone 3 or more degrees out – about a third of the active responders were people I don’t know at all.

I got responders from all over the world, including England, Qatar, Japan, Ireland, Canada and several cities across the US.

Many people sent encouraging messages and positive feedback, with several wanting to be notified of the eventual outcome.

There was a surge of people viewing my profile on LinkedIn, and I got some interesting contacts because of this project.

People who were initially skeptical, once they realized this was a legitimate effort, became ardent supporters.

Some of the posts generated enough noise that the WP blog got picked up by a couple of aggregation pages, and raised the search profile of the effort enough that I was able to generate a Google searchstories video to include in the presentation.

So, now we wait and see whether the project was impressive enough to get me to the next step in the process.  If nothing else, it was fun to do, and broadcasted my job search in an effective way.  In the first week of December, I’m going to kill off the FB and G+ pages, so that people don’t continue to get messages from them, but this blog will remain as a way for me to record my thoughts as I progress through my search process. 


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