The “Get Greg Hired” Social Media Project

Help me earn a job with a single click!

A very cool company has asked me to creatively show what I can bring to the table.

My delivery deadline is only a few days away.

Part of my presentation is this project, to demonstrate how I can help this company utilize social media to deliver its message.

I created this blog, a Facebook Page, a Google+ page, and will drive traffic through LinkedIn.

By reading this, you have already helped.  If you have 30 more seconds:

  1. Please “like” the FB page  and either follow the G+ page or add it to your circles (these pages will be disbanded after the project).
  2. Please share the link with people/groups you think would be willing to help on this project.

 That’s it.  It’s that simple.  The sole purpose of this is to use the results for the presentation, and then after the hiring decision is made (one way or the other) I’ll be taking the pages down, probably in early December.  The blog will remain, since it has no links back to the identity of visitors, and may be utilized differently in the future.

 If you’re willing to assist – thank you, I really appreciate it.  If you’re not, then thanks for taking the time to read the request.  Please forgive me if you see this more than once over the next few days.

One Comment on “The “Get Greg Hired” Social Media Project”

  1. Kate Colbert says:

    Go, Greg! Your enterprising spirit and creative approach to this employer request really speaks for itself. They’d be very lucky to have you. Best wishes!!

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